10 Designer Tips to Add Value to Your Home

by raveshowroom
on July 4, 2019

There are many ways to enhance the look of your home and add to its value. Some are in-expensive while others tally up quickly. The following ideas can be ranked according to your budget, nevertheless using just one of these tips will begin to change the image others have of your home, making it more desirable. Tackle your upgrades one item at a time and before you know it the value will begin to increase.

1) Kitchen reno – there is no doubt that a kitchen reno packs a lot of punch when adding value to your home. Cabinetry, countertops, flooring and wall tile will give a noticeable update to your home. The kitchen is the heart of the home therefore a central location to add value. If replacing all these items is not in the budget, replace the most worn finishes or start with a coat of paint on the walls and cabinets and co-ordinate with new backsplash tile. You will be amazed at the transformation.

2) Bathroom reno – bathrooms are next on the list for adding value to your home. New plumbing fixtures, cabinets, flooring, counters and tile will transform your space adding a great return on the money that you spend. If a full bathroom reno is not feasible, try a new coat of paint on the walls with a new trendy patterned shower curtain and towels to freshen the space or add color.

3) Flooring – We underestimate the amount of wear and tear that our floors take, yet they are the most expended surface in our homes. Put aside an allowance that will enable you to change your flooring. New vinyl flooring is all the rage with its long lifespan and versatile use that can permit it’s use through out your whole home. It is affordable and comes in different applications that may or may not require a subfloor. Once more, if changing out all your floors is not in the budget take a good look at the most worn or used areas and replace those, like the entrance, main bathroom, hallways and main living areas.

4) Light fixtures – Invest in some new lighting. There are some fabulous lights out there to illuminate your spaces. Again, pick and choose the areas you want to update according to the budget you have. Lighting can add such personality to your space and there are all types of styles, metal colors and function available.

5) Appliances – These items tend to get changed out only when they reach the end of their life span, but what an “up to date” look they can give to your kitchen or laundry room. Do your homework and check performance reviews as upgraded appliances will be noted by those shopping for a new home. There are many colors and style options to choose from.

6) Carpets – though many homes these days are carpet “free”, nothing adds a cozy warm feel like carpeting for the bedrooms and lounging areas of your home. Replace worn and ragged carpets with new carpet. There are many carpets on the market that are made with innovative fibers that are non penetrable to stains and odors. These products are available in a variety of price ranges. Don’t forget area rugs and throws need to be replaced “once in a while” and can add character and an up to date look with their trendy prints, patterns and colors.

7) Windows and doors – These items may be a costly update, but new design in these products can improve the thermal rating of your home and lower heat loss. These items will pay for themselves over time and the investment of changing them will appeal to new home shoppers.

8) De-clutter – nothing makes a home look tired and overworked more than clutter. Invest in storage that cleans up and organizes your rooms, or better yet, spend time going through your spaces and purge items that get little or no use.

9) Update Décor – many items in our homes hold sentimental value, but some of the knick- knacks we display can just look old and dated. Find new ways to display them or store them and shop for new items that are trendy and new. Mixing old with new is also an acceptable design style. Play with their placement and move them to new locations on a regular basis to create new interest.

10) Curb Appeal – “last but not least”, take a good look at your home from the perspective of a visitor. Is your home looking dull and neglected on the outside? Paint your front door and trims a fresh new color. Pay attention to your grass and greenery. Cut and water your grass on a regular basis, spray or pick weeds and trim back areas that are overgrown. The addition of flowering plants in colorful pots always adds fresh seasonal color to your homes curb appeal.

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